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Η νέα ταινία της Charlize Theron, είναι φαντασίας για το Netflix και έχει τίτλο The Old Guard, βασισμένη στο ομότιτλο κόμικ των Greg Rucka και Leandro Fernández, ενώ έχουμε τις πρώτες κριτικές με την βαθμολογία στο Rotten Tomatoes να είναι στο 71%.



Not only does the movie transform Charlize Theron into a hyper-lethal warrior armed with an ornate staff and an unyielding drive to do good, it activates the character in a world built with a strong mythology, and it pairs her with an equally-engaging crew that share a single fascinating trait: they are all immortal (or at least they are until they are mysteriously not). The narrative that plays out is mostly generic, playing out familiar twists and turns, but there are more than enough strengths to serve as counterweights and keep the audience thrilled throughout.


It’s a movie that wants its audience to think and if that sounds like a weird fit for the genre, you’ve surely never pondered what it would mean to be all-powerful in a world that only wants to see things go boom. That said, ‘The Old Guard’ also takes the time to kick some serious ass. Andy and her pals have spent centuries trying to make the world better, but that has also required them to learn how to really fuck up someone along the way.


Though there’s a lot to like about The Old Guard, there are a few elements that aren’t as refined as the rest. The visual effect of the characters healing from lethal wounds, Wolverine-style, looks plasticky and unconvincing. Songs seem to force their way into the film at awkward times. A certain plot development feels predictable, unearned, and devoid of impact all at the same time.

Vanity Fair

The Old Guard is a naked attempt to kick off a franchise, but I wasn’t bothered by all those obvious table-setting mechanics because what they’re establishing is so tantalizing.

Η ταινία έχει να κάνει με μια ομάδα μισθοφόρων με επικεφαλής την Andy, η οποία παραμένει αθάνατη ό,τι κι αν κάνει, με την ικανότητα να μην γερνάει. Τα πράγματα θα αλλάξουν όταν ανακαλύψουν την ύπαρξη μιας ακόμα αθάνατης γυναίκας. Παράλληλα, καθώς στον 21ο αιώνα δεν είναι εύκολο να διατηρήσεις την ανωνυμία σου, ένας οργανισμός με αδιευκρίνιστες απέναντί τους προθέσεις, θα αρχίσει να καταγράφει τις κινήσεις τους, συνιστώντας μια αόρατη απειλή για την ομάδα.

Η σκηνοθεσία είναι από την Gina Prince-Bythewood, ενώ εκτός της Charlize Theron παίζουν οι KiKi Layne, Marwan Kenzari, Matthias Schoenaerts, Luca Marinelli, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Harry Melling, κ.α. H πρεμιέρα είναι στις 10 Ιουλίου αποκλειστικά από το Netflix.


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