Αποθέωση για την animated σειρά της Marvel που θα δούμε τον Chadwick Boseman τελευταία φορά ως Black Panther

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Μια μεγάλη και αναπάντεχη απώλεια για το χώρο της υποκριτικής καθώς ο ηθοποιός Chadwick Boseman (γνωστός για τον ρόλο του Black Panther) έφυγε από την ζωή σε ηλικία 43 ετών μετά από μάχη που είχε με τον καρκίνο.


Όπως έχει αναφερθεί, δεν θα αντικατασταθεί στο MCU, ωστόσο θα τον δούμε για τελευταία φορά ως Black Panther στην animated σειρά Marvel’s What If, καθώς πρόλαβε και ηχογράφησε πολλά επεισόδια, πριν φύγει από τη ζωή.

Ενώ πολλοί περίμεναν ο Boseman να παίξει τον T’Challa μόνο για ενα What If επεισόδιο, τελικά όπως αποκάλυψε ο πρόεδρος της Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, ο ηθοποιός είχε πάει τουλάχιστον 4 φορές για να ηχογραφήσει τα επεισόδια στα οποία θα τον ακούσουμε και θα είναι πολλά.

Η animation σειρά είναι στην Phase 4 του MCU και εξερευνά κάποιες στιγμές κλειδιά του σύμπαντος και το πως θα είχαν εξελιχθεί αν οι συγκυρίες ήταν λίγο διαφορετικές, αν για παράδειγμα Captain America γινόταν η Peggy Carter και Star Lord ο T’Challa.

Η πρεμιέρα είναι στις 11 Αυγούστου από το Disney+ και οι πρώτες κριτικές είναι αποθεωτικές:

Bradley Russell – GamesRadar: “Fresh, inventive storytelling, particularly for some characters who don’t always get the spotlight. Lots of shocks/surprises & lead performances that rank up there with the MCU’s very best.”

Erik Davis: “I’ve watched the first three episodes of Marvel’s #WhatIf and I’m hooked. Each episode is better than the last w/ the third being my favorite. Love how they take a story we know by heart & twist it in all kinds of ways. It’s like the MCU’s Twilight Zone – weird, wild, good fun”.

ComicBook.com – Brandon Davis: “First three episodes of #WhatIf are an interesting start. First episode didn’t grab me. Second is super entertaining & filled with heart. Third is dark, surprising, and hands down my favorite! Got better as it went by a lot, each episode! Ambitious new style. Loads of MCU nods!”

Tessa Smith: “Marvel throws us head first into the MULTIVERSE with What If…? & it’s INCREDIBLE! There’s STUNNING animation & SHOCKING twists! One choice can change EVERYTHING & the possibilities are ENDLESS! If the first 3 episodes are any indication, this show is gonna be WILD!”

ComicBookMovie.com – Josh Wilding: “I’ve seen the first three episodes of #WhatIf and cannot say enough good things about this show. @MarvelStudios definitely hasn’t disappointed with its first foray into animation (it looks amazing), and the premise works brilliantly…you WILL love #CaptainCarter.”

Ethan Anderton – /Film: “Marvel’s #WhatIf offers compelling twists on the #MCU along with stylish animation and outstanding action. However, the abridged storytelling creates a disjointed feeling, and lacks the Marvel magic and heart of the movies. Plus, many MCU stars are not great voice actors.”

Herb Scribner – Deseret News: “Early review for Marvel’s #WhatIf – It’s fun! #WhatIf does a great job of giving us alternate reality stories while offering nods and winks to the original tales. The first three episodes work were really fun. Each had a different genre, too.”

Tania Lamb – Rotten Tomatoes: “Expect the unexpected has never been more true in Marvel’s #WhatIf! It’s a crazy, trippy ride and while it’s not my favorite series, it’s good to hear some familiar voices of characters I love! I respect the twists and turns in the multiverse, even if I don’t like some of them.”

Jacob Fisher – DiscussingFilms: “Got to watch the first 3 episodes of #WhatIf and it is incredible! Each story for each episode is fantastic and bolstered by a strong voice cast and splendid animation. I couldn’t be more happy with how this series has turned out, one of the best animated TV shows this year.”

Charles Villanueva – Murphy’s Multiverse: “#WhatIf is… fine? Has tons of fun ideas on what these familiar stories could be. Has crazy easter eggs that will send fans into a frenzy. Animation feels stiff at times but really comes to life when the action ramps up. What really makes me scratch my head is the voice work..”


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